Gamma rays

What are they?
They are electromagnetic waves with a extremely high frequency.

Are they dangerous?
They cause biological harm as their rays are ironing radiation.

Where do they come from?
They are classically produced by gamma decay.
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How do we detect them?
You could use a gieger meter which detects radiation
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What can they be used for?
They can be used in medicine to treat cancer.

Anything else interesting?
they were discovered in 1900 by Paul Villard a franch chemist and physicist whilest studying
radiationemited from radium. They were called gamma rays by ernest rutherford in 1903.

The History Of Radios.

radio waves are the transmition of signals through a open space by electronic radiation.

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How are they generated?
by gamma decay
X-rays are generated by an X-ray tu
be, a vacuum tube that uses a high
voltage to accelerate the electrons released by a hot cathode to a high speed.
by the sun
These can be generated in many
different ways, almost always
connected with heat our largest source of light in the sun
they are generally
produced by atoms vibrating
they have manny different transmitters
like mobile phones and manny others.
they are generated by
transmitters in devices
How are they detected?
by a gieger meter
threy can be picked up by certain
types of paper
you can use a filtrate
with our eyes
they are detected by
electrical divices.
they can be detected by radar
by radio wave
How might they
be dangerous?
they can cause
boilogical harm
they can cause biological harm
they can cause sunburn
if a light is to bright it can cause
temporarry blindness
if cells absorb to much it can kill them
overexposure can cause caterax
andother biological harm
they can cause biological
What are the main or
most significant uses?
they are used in
medicine to kill cancar sells
they can be used to see the
internal structure of objects
htey can be used in tanning devices
they are use to see
night vission gogles
use them to see in the dark
they can be used to heat and cook
they are used to transfer

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