Infra-red light waves

What are they?
Infrared light waves is electro-magnetic radiation with longer waves than visible light.
It was discovered by William Herschel in 1800.
Are they dangerous?
Infrared rays aren't the most dangerous of the types of radiation.
It is able to burn you but it is more gentle than even visible light rays.
Infrared is in a sense, heat radiation.
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Where do they come from?
Infared waves come from the sun and fire.
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How do we detect them?
Infared waves can be detected using cameras and night vision goggles.
Invisible to the eye, it can also be detected as a sensation of warmth on the skin.
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What can they be used for?
thermal imaging,
short range communications,
optical fibres,
television remote controls,
security systems.
Anything else interesting?
Most of the radiation emitted by a moderately heated surface is infrared; it forms a continuous spectrum.
Molecular excitation also produces copious infrared radiation but in a discrete spectrum of lines or bands.
The infrared range is usually divided into three regions: near infrared, middle infrared and far infrared.

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How are they generated?
They are made by stars,supernovas, black holes and pulsars
From a nucleaus of an atom.
Powerful UV lights come from the sun, and man made things sun tan beds, UV lights.
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From the sun
They are emitted from large stars and in mobiles they are made with a transmitter chip
Naturally occurring radio waves are madeby lightning, or by astronomical objects.Manmade radio waves are generated by a transmitter.
How are they detected?
Gamma-ray detectors typically contain
densely packed crystal blocks.
The detector that detects x-rays then determines as best it can the direction, brightness changes, and spectral intensity (or color) of the incoming photons, and when they arrived
You can use a filtrate, or a UV detector. The filtrate option is cheaper.
our eyes
Cameras and
night vision goggles
We use receivers if they are used in mobile phones
Radio waves are detected by theuse of radio telescopes
How might they be dangerous?
they are radioactive
They can give you cancer
The harmful effects from exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation can beclassified as acute or chronic. The acute effects of UV-A and UV-B exposure areboth short-lived and reversible
They can burn you
Prolonged exposure can damage the cataract.
It is believed that exposure to large doses of radio waves can result in disorders such as cancer
What are the main or most significant uses?
Doctors use gamma-ray imaging to see inside your body
Gamma rays provide information about some of the most energetic
Phenomena in the universe
They are used in hospitals for bones and in airports for checking bags.
In Medicine, Ultraviolet waves are effective in killing bacteria and viruses.In Industry, the Food and Drug industry uses germicidal lamps to disinfect various types of products.
Seeingdisplaying info
lighting areas
Thermal imaging,
short range communications,
TV remotes.
They are used mainly for heating up food and in mobile phones
Radar can even be used to find oil or see what chemicals are in soil. Radios also use these waves to send and receive information

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