Infra-red light waves

What are they?
infrared wave A wave with a frequency between 300 GHz and 400 THz; usually used for short-range communications
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Are they dangerous?
infra-red rays aren't the most dangerous of the types of radiation.
it is able to burn you but it is more gentle than even visible light rays.
Where do they come from?
Infrared energy is generated by the vibration and rotation of atoms and molecules.
The higher the temperature of an object, the more the motion and hence the more infrared energy is emitted
How do we detect them?
Infrared radiation can be detected by a variety of electronic devices.Most infrared detectors operate at very
low temperatures so that the heat of the detector does not interfere with its readings.
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What can they be used for?
Infrared radiation is used for
communications signals
TV remote controls
and optical fibre communications.
information can be transmitted by using digital signals.
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How are they generated?
by gamma radiation
they afre generated when electrons are exelirated
by the sun
This can begenerated in many different ways, almost always connected with heat our largest source of light in the sun
they are generally produced by atoms vibrating.
they have many different transmitters like mobil phones
they are generated by transmitters in devises
How are they detected?
by a gieger meter
they can be picked by certain types of paper
you can use a filtrate
Our eyes detect light, we interpret different wavelengths of light as different colours.
infrared can be detected by electronical devises.
they can be detectedby radar.
radiowave telescopes
How might they be dangerous?
they can cause biological harm
they can cause biological harm
they can cause sun burn
An excess of light can cause temporary or permanent blindness and the heat connected with it can cause burns but at a normal level visible light is harmless
it is able to burn you but m,ore gental than visible light rays.
overexposer can cauise cateraxanother biological harm
you can cause biological harm
What are the main or most significant uses?
they are used in medicine to kill cancer cells
they can be used to see the internal structure of objects.

We use light to sense what is around us, it enables us to see objects and generally survive.
cooking,heating,communtication siganals,tv remote controls

they are used to transfer information

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