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  • Gather your text first, before worrying about the formatting.
  • Make sure that you understand what you are writing.
  • Do not use images that are too big for the page.
  • You MUST quote the source that you use - I may delete material that is not referenced; you may wish to do this by listing your sources at the bottom.
  • Pasting copied text is acceptable ONLY if it is done intelligently and in moderation. Content, not style, is key.
  • You can, of course, use paper resources.
  • DO NOT use your name; this site is open to the world to see.


School library database - WEBLINKS

School Gateway - Online Resources - especially Encyclopedia Britannica School Edition

Mission: science
Simple Wikipedia
Wikipedia Commons - for images (but resize large ones)
NASA pages on YouTube (not from school)
A NASA resource
US site - higher level
Another NASA site
UK site - basic details

Please let me know of any other sites you find useful - by listing them on your own page.