Ultra-violet light waves

Most of us have seen the sun, but do we know what the light from it contains? Do we know what harm the light could do? Do we know the consiquenses?

What are they?

Ultra violet waves are part of the electromagnetic spectrum. We can't see them as humans arent able to see somthing of such a short wave leagnth. Other wise known as a high frequency. Its name means beyond. I think that the name suits them well as ultraviolet rays are beyond out vision.

Are they dangerous?

It can be dangerous as they damage and kill cells. When this happens to us we call it sun burn. It happens when our skin has seen a lot of sun or due to a lack of sun cream, and the skin starts to redden, it can be sore, but more often then not calms down; leaving darker, or more tanned skin. But many of the cells have been killed in the skin, for the minority this could result in cancer.

Where do they come from?

They can come from the sun, but you can get man made lamps for experimental perposes, tanning ect... they produce ultra violet rays, just as the sun does.
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How do we detect them?

To detect them you can simply use a filtrate this is the cheepest option and used frequently. As well as this you could use a UV dectector, they come in a range of styles and prices. As with most things, the more you pay the better the quality.

What can they be used for?

Ultra violet rays can be used for tanning, in a tanning bed or by the sun. Manhy people have suffered great damage from this and some have even developed cancer. For killing microbes, for this you use lamps; this would usualy be in a lab with protective gear so that no harm comes to anything, accept the bacteria of corse.... killing other bacteria; identifying substances; the makeup of atoms; the energy levels of atoms, all of these would also more often than not be performed in a lab, by finding out info about the make up of atoms we can discover more about our world, and how we live, and why we live.

Anything else interesting?

There are three types of ultraviolet, A,B and C. The ozone protects us from the worst of the ultra violet harm, it lets most of A into our atmosphere, a small amount of B, and very little of C. Due to climate change the ozone is becoming thinner and thinner. This is exposing us to a lot of UV, as mentioned earlier uv rays kill cells, thats how is gets one of its jobs, killing bacteria. By killing the cells, new cells need to be made, and they have to be made fast to contemplate the loss. The rate that UV light is rising is alarming and it's predicted that cancer rates will rise with it. Cancer happens when cells are reproduced and because uv light kills the cells cancer has a high probability of happening. Unless we find a way to stop the ozone layer from thinning... Or a way to easily cause cancer then things can only get worse.... But with the technology that is available now, I have no doubt that a cure is on it's way, but that does not mean that we need to stop our caution. Prevention is always better than cure, and if that means that we all need to remeber our UV protective sun cream then that is what we shall have to do. Spending a few pounds of sun decent sun cream is inevitably better than losing your life, or someone you are close to.
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTLCUX_C8MWWzwZRzkZ9Ii1ZKYOCYjMbqyqF89YM22Oy9ueP5DX(cancer cells)
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This diagram shows the depth that UV rays reach in our skin. From this you can see that the cells within the reach of the UV rays could posibly be damaged resulting is the cells being killed, if the damage is great enough....

In the table below, fill the cells with very brief notes. Use the other pages to gather the information from, and you may want to go outside of this wiki if you really can't find the information here (though I'd be surprised!).

How are they generated?
generated when nuclear explosions take
place they are a form of radiation
generated in an X-ray tube or a
vacuum that creates a high voltage to
accelerate atoms
generated from the sun
by hot things, sniny/ luantminescant things like stars and also photons
everything, produces infa red energy hotter
things produce more
produced in a micowave oven and from our mobile phones
some radio waves are naturaly
occuring via lightning or astronomical
objects but man made ones are generated via a transmitter
How are they detected?
detected using a gamma ray detector
(a densly packed crystal block)
hospitals use image reporters to produce
a picture or film.
can be detected using a filtrate or a UV detector
we can detect them via our eyes
using things such as night vision
goggles you can the the energy that
IR rays produce.

by the use of radio telescopes
How might they be dangerous?
they are highly dangerous to living
creatures, they destroy cells, posobly leading
to cancer
they can kill and mutate cells, posibly leading
to cancer
the can dammage and even kill cells,
which can result in the mutation of cells which can posibly lead to cancer
these rays arent dangeros
infa red waves are heat waves, if an
organism gets to much heat energy
it can damage or kill the cells
exesive exposure to microwaves
can be known to cause cateracs,
recent research sows that can cause damage to your head
exessive exposer can lead to cancer
What are the main or most significant uses?
used to see inside the body, and can
provide info on many living organisms and
energetic pheonomina.
they can be used to look through, or into things,
check for weak spots in metal used a lot in dentists
as it makes finding cavities easyer.
used for tanning, killing cells, killing
bacteria, identifying the makeup of atoms and descoviering why and how we livd
used for seeing and displaying things, and also lighting areas
TV remote uses infa red to change the channel,
and it can pick up and display infa red energy
cause particals to vibrate and therefore
gain energy, thus gaining heat, we can
comunicate using them in our cellular
devises and also in radars
you can send or recieve information,
and even `see` distant objects, broadcast television, comunicate
with satelites alow the comunication of mobile phones and allow computers
to share info wirelessly

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